Strike Benefits

Financial Freedom

Tuition has more than doubled in just two decades! Almost three-fourths of all college graduates find themselves drowned in deep debt, facing the high possibly of not landing a sustainable job.

Student Justice Union can answer this snowball effect and make a college education worth-while, by demanding fair tuition cost with the power we reserve.

Rather than working long hours while in school in fear of delinquency, this will allow students to focus that much more on their curriculum.

Faster Graduation

Time is money. This benefit allows members to save time and money by Student Justice Union demanding that unnecessary courses not be required curriculum. Not only is time and money being wasted, but the effort of taking these courses.

Required courses that don’t relate at all or enough to students’ field of study from electives to core classes, Student Justice Union will not tolerate.

Therefore, SJU will provide faster graduation as a result of shortened curriculum. When fair tuition cost is combined with faster graduation, the amount of money saved is multiplied!

Academic Justice

Student Justice Union considers fair tuition cost and faster graduation an aspect of academic justice, but there’s more – grievances. Grievances take many forms from dishonesty to lack of integrity.

A grievance case can be inaccurate grade reporting, differing grading standards between students, ineligible professor employment, sports players’ neglect of college paid income, student employment wage rates and benefits, insufficient janitorial service, etc.

Student Justice Union will back its members in any grievance case presented! We have Member Benefits you can explore.