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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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SJU - "Student Justice Union"

Strike School – the school that members are on strike against or are attending after a successful strike

  • Only higher education student members may be eligible for Member Benefits & Strike Benefits based on negotiability
  • All Member Benefits apply only at the time of an SJU strike to the SJU students who are striking against their school with SJU approval
  • Strike Benefits only apply after a successful strike when a contract signing occurs between SJU approved representative(s) and the strike school’s highest ranking in management directly related to the administrative changes resulting from the contract and/or the school’s owners
    • Strike school – the school under strike by SJU members
  • Discounts only apply to the members’ tuition cost of the alternative school when enrolled into the alternative school while on strike when their school is under strike
    • Alternative school – the school contracted with SJU to facilitate SJU members’ education during the strike term against the strike school associated with those particular SJU members
  • SJU isn’t liable of providing any benefits to the SJU members who haven’t paid in full their member dues
  • Members aren’t liable to pay dues directly to SJU after a strike is successful only in the case their school pays their dues as contracted
  • In the case that SJU can’t contract with an auction school, the tuition discount is the same as the tuition reimbursement
  • In the case that SJU deems an auction school tuition discount high enough, then the tuition reimbursement is not liable to members
  • In the event that a tuition reimbursement disbursement isn’t successful after SJU attempts a bank transaction toward any member, then SJU is then only liable to dispurse the funds upon member request via email
  • Each member must provide SJU with their school information; student name, school name, school year, semester, total credits, etc., and all else that SJU deems necessary before benefits apply
  • Each member must provide adequate information after SJU member enrollment is complete via required means of the verification process to obtain SJU benefits; Member Benefits and Strike Benefits
  • A significantly high strike vote ratio is required for SJU to consider declaring a strike
  • Scholarship provision is an at will service
  • All benefits only apply to its members for the term that they are members
  • All benefits apply only to members that are US citizens
  • A strike is only official once Student Justice Union official(s) declares a strike
  • By subscribing to the Auto Membership program, the member consents to being billed for upcoming consecutive semester until cancelled
  • The cost of membership is subject to change without notice