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Powerful Together – there’s power in numbers. We’ve come together to improve the quality of life of one another.

Together we are Student Justice Union, fighting for fair tuition cost, fair housing cost, fair curriculum requirement, and grievance representation! SJU wants its members to have a legacy proud to leave.

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Student Justice Union will be there for you every step of the way. In case a strike is necessary, SJU will provide tuition discounts to its members on strike.

Up to 30% off of every members’ tuition cost will be provided for the entire term of the strike. SJU will be in the negotiation stage during this time!

Learn more by using our live chat in the lower right hand corner or you can contact us at for additional information.


Though things can get worse, they can get much better. With solidarity, tuition discounts, and strike power on our side, Student Justice Union has no doubt that we will succeed!

Enjoy the ride, all the way to freedom and power. Learn more about our thrive below.

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