College Students’ Take on Tuition Cost

 Highlights "I don't think tuition cost is fair at all...I think it's a great movement for people to come out with the same goal to pursue this thing because we all need help." - Zik "Tuition shouldn't cost that much, especially when it's something as important as someone's education...If all students collectively joined a union, they would have the cards in order to negotiate with the schools for better pricing, so we're not stuck with debt and becoming a slave for money." - Calvin "The future debt turned me off to the degree more than the reward of the degree [...]

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What Student Justice Union Can Do For You

Ever wonder - “How can I afford a college education?”, while also questioning the possibilities of landing a job in your career field to pay student loan debt? You’re not alone. So many students see the demise of ridiculous tuition cost, but have no alternate answer to get the job they really want. That was the story of college students, but now there’s Student Justice Union – a union that can: Lower your tuition cost Lower your housing cost Shorten your curriculum Give you scholarships Provide grievance representation (whatever that is) And much more.... How’s that for an answer? Some [...]

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